My First Blog Post!

After many sweaty days and nights, I finally have a working blog. Seriously.


After countless tries, I've finally been able to make a working blog.

My sincere thanks go out to Stanley... He helped me learn about Gatsby, Netlify, and JAMstack. This is a godsend. Here are some of the stuff I tried before this:

  1. Github Pages with Jekyll.

    Made my first website 2 years ago... But I never finished it.

  2. Round two with Jekyll.

    Tried using some custom themes, but I kept getting blank pages, and I was going in circles with package management. My brain got dizzy.

  3. Single page React App

    I then learned that you could deploy React Apps to Github Pages hosting, so I looked more into it. This is how far I got:

    My beautiful website.

    Pleasing on the eyes.

    After pulling an all-nighter with some Flexbox and Sass styling (building styles from scratch is hard!), I eventually decided to switch to Bootstrap. Luckily I had hotpot with some friends and they suggested I use Material UI.

Before I switched, I then learned about Gatsby and Netlify. Clicking on a single button to deploy your app sure is much better. Thank goodness. And I even have a domain name to go with it!

And that brings me to my journey today: Writing my first blog post, I have gone through hell and Earth to find out that a single button nullifies all that sweat.